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Lil B - Real Person Music Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Real Person Music lyrics performed by Lil B. We have tried to make the Real Person Music song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Intro - Lil B]
Imma keep my eyes open
Keep my mind open
PYT mixtape
We gettin money

[Verse 1 - Lil B]
I aint never been no bitch, niggas scared
Of the dark, I was out jacking with the pitch
Same color as the tints the night time
Reminds me of my niggas in pain
We all seen the hate, now its feeling the same
What comes from my mouth I keep it simple and plain
When you speak from your heart do you feel ashamed?
I was mad at the sounds, noises
Making bad choices, selling off my soul for Rolls Royces
Keep it real B, you gotta make better choices
You act like a ho then you gonna see hell
I come from California where the skinny niggas dwell
I dont want to be in your top five
Im only one, pick me up like the only gun
Feel me? Fuck with me
Erbody know Lil B started trends
Niggas cant perform like him
Sold zips in 04, I cant go back in
Niggas rap but I used to rap, Im not used to rap
Niggas act like Im used to rap
Street game kept me on my back
Niggas say you got 5, but he really got 20
Blinds you with the money, your game got skinny
They say God feed others, you got a silver spoon
I got a plastic one in the cupboard
I aint different than you we the same ass color
But the words got power, people act like cowards
Being poor of mind state, you can take your shower
So why you complaining about the day thats ours
Niggas acting like a bitch gonna send them flowers
Niggas ratting on their partners just to get some power
If you change with the money you always been a coward
Niggas dont respect you, youre just a lick
These hoes love money so you people gon trick
Dont be no dumbass bitch
Sold your soul for the grip fucked niggas in the game
Got the power fucked over sisters
And now my niggas getting richer
Shooting off clips like someones taking pictures
Dont trust hoes I aint got no mistress
Give no kitchens, bitch do the dishes
If I go down man I know you be a witness
Cant trust hoes, the game got shifted
Places in the west that will change your whole vision
Make you get humble make you thank Based God
We all thank Jesus, we know you need it
Rock through the city, so low with the beeper
Two door coupe the same color as my sneakers
Riding shotgun, holding blunts with a cloth
Married to the game bitch I never take it off
Been in the jungle where them niggas getting crossed
Niggas with the sharks, damn I got my neck broke
Coming with the chopper like PetCo
Niggas they dont act like man
Im the rawest
Nigga I been lost in the forest with the cocaine
Dope game G4 flight, show you the whole lane
I made history now I want the whole fame
You feel me? Im coming for the world
I do it for Furl, I do it for the world
I do it for Furl, I do it for the world
RIP Mac Dre, RIP all the people
And we lost to the evil
Lets keep it equal
Lil B

[Outro - Lil B]
PYT mixtape, man, you know
RIP Pac, RIP Biggie, you know, RIP everybody
RIP the world
Imma tell you man, you know
RIP everybody, RIP the future
You know, cause nigga this is too advanced
You know what I mean?
Im sayin it like this man: rawest rapper alive
We doing it, you know? This for the world
Lil B, yeah

Lil B lyrics