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Lil B - Mac Pressed Over Lyrics

Ya’lready know it’s your boy Lil B man
You know this shit be real, real, real
You feel me
Yea, you know
Anytime I touch on the mic
Man, this shit be like
I feel like I bring something else out of it, you know what I mean?

Uh, taking headshots for hours, the pain on standby
Top so close but I’m stuck in a landslide
Monkey on my back made me cross my bitch
Hard times in the world, I’m feeling lostish
Niggas can’t go back, whatever happened to real?
One nigga got down, one nigga in jail
How my nigga got killed with no cameras on
Only in the hood you got, it’s no surprise
People come through the hood with the drugs and knives
They stikes on us, real low those life
Still bout that life, really bout life
When you’re down facing life, that’s that life
Fuck them in the stripes, go get high to get by
Gotta cry to see the dry eyes
Am I alone? This is my life
Every rap, songs, records, east niggas up for breakfast
Labels, all that, bitch give me the checks
I never thought I’d make it by driving the Lexus
I don’t pay the taxes, shit it’s crazy
Nigga is, fuck them haters
I’mma see you across the wages, across the stages
Yea, nigga, across the playlist
Tryina keep this shit right but my mind is hazy
Nigga say you won’t work, okay, be lazy
The world gon eat you like they eat them pills
I beat the bitch up to pay back for real
Niggas see what they see, really how you feel
Half niggas gon follow other niggas, no options
Niggas get scared and get shit poppin
They ain’t talkin bout the rocket, I’m talkin bout college
Yea, live your life and graduate with honors man
Leave your old plan, the president is ours
Yea, man, this shit is ours
But let’s go back to work, get money in the hand
It’s dope in the purse, shit by the sand
Niggas slip so much, I forgot who I am
These niggas doin life under 10 grand
Took a life for nothing backwards
Told you, you got it from the shots
The mac pressed over
The mac pressed over

Yea man, I swear to God I’m too ding for the game, you feel it?
When you go through shit man you can’t deny the fact that a motherfucker be real man
It’s just like this shit, come on
I tear it because this like a hundred percent real
So 20 percent be a hunder percent for me
You feel me? Yes
Lil B, Crime Fetish

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