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Lil B - I’m Golden Lyrics

I’m on the top game fuck them I’ma ride nigga fuck lames
I’m still frozen riding down town with the gad still open
Can’t stay focused nigga catch me slippin
I’ma rock this shit off time to go missle
And this spot gonna miss ‘em,
I don’t play that game bitch I ain’t too precision
Fuck them lame niggas saying I ain’t spitting
Fuck them lame niggas riding on them bitches
And you still gon’ see me moving
Rocking with the movement rock with patchouli
Rock with the same got the motherfuckers do me
And I know they wanna do me
But I’ma keep rocking and keep my shit sue me
And never rock with them fake motherfuckers they hate you on top
Everybody know I’m a bird I just watch
Fuck motherfuckers and I react until motherfuckers snap
Bow,bow,bow,bow Can you survive the game?
And rocking tip top can you survive the lames
Riding on the track , can you survive the train
Riding on the plane ’cause you survive my lane
I don’t think you could because I survive the game
Shh, it’s the drop like the drain
Motherfuckers play the game, fuck them
I’m frozen ,bitch I’m golden
Lil B based freestyle
Based freestyle

Lil B lyrics