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Lil' Jade - Daddy Lyrics

lil jade talkin to her mother

Ma u kno i love him but i dont want him around me
jade jus give him a chance!
he hada chance 12 yrs ago and he still didnt do nothin 4 me but take my money so no
im not ginvin him nothin!
jade i kno how u feel
[walked in her room]

daddy wasnt around wen i was growin up now im 12 yrs old daddy treat me like dirt.
daddy im not gon diss u dis jus how i feel u kno i love u but dis is fa real daddy
memba wen i was 4 i moved out of metro 2 g-ville and i called u everyday and u said
dat u hate da way i live? well look now daddy im makin mo money den u is and im only
12 how old is u is? daddy mommy doin real good since u cheated on her wit dat otha
female sandy and she's a motha but let me hush cuz im 2 young 4 dis. daddy im goin
stress u out jus like u did mommy made her jump out da car. i almost died but u
didnt care did u? mama tried 2 kill me cuz u didnt want her but my sista told mama 2
stop im da youngest out da whole house but i do da most while u out dere doin dirt
daddy u not nothin u jus hurt cuz my mama gone and u dont kno which way u go cuz u

daddy i dont need u no mo
ma mama here 4 me wen eva on da road
wen i was hurtin was u dere 4 me [no!]
i dont care no mo cuz i dont give a whoa
daddy bye
daddy get out rite now!
leave me alone now i got money u want 2 come bacc
if i went broke would u still be here wit me?

daddy u think jus bcuz im young i dont kno wat u doin to my mother? daddy u a dumb
motha sucka i dont need u in my life u was dere wen i was born man shut yo mouf.
im a star now i dont need u
i only need my mama and my sista and my 2 brotha's deion and lakeynd i still love
ya'll 4 eva even wen we not 2 getha sandy you'll neva be my motha but i luv ya 2 and
im not dissing u. aunt mea u gone now but u watching me all dis 4 u cuz u got me
grnadma i love u and if i didnt my name wouldnt be 4 u j to da a 2 da d 2 da a dat's
da name 4 my grnadma 2 day aha!
d-a-d-d-y does was my first words otha den da sky daddy i wish i neva said dat cuz
everytime i said it i cried it out now u not here im jus on be out!

Lil' Jade lyrics