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Like You To Me - Nothing Between Lyrics

Keep asking questions
Yeah I heard what you said
And I'm far from convinced
Cold chills and blank stares
Yeah you should know your place by now

This was never meant to be
I finally took a grip on reality
And burned this at both ends

I could have
I would have
I really never should've
Fallen head over heels
For a girl as cold as you
We shouldn't pretend
Stop acting like we're best friends
Cause in the end there's really
Nothing between me and you

She calls on late nights
Tells me she's alright
But she can't be alone right now
I'm walking tight ropes
Burning her love notes
Cashing in on all my wasted time

Now I gave you more than enough time
To backup your alibis
I'm begging you stop telling lies
Give up or give in

Keep your guilt off of my chest
I spent all this time waiting
Now give it a rest
The less I forget
The more I regret
The man I used to be

Like You To Me lyrics