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Life Of Agony - Don't Bother Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Don't Bother lyrics performed by Life Of Agony. We have tried to make the Don't Bother song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Bitch, bitch such a lonely bitch, bitch sitting
On my bed-more lonely then you know
Wish, wish-
Wish I could've been something
More than this-
Something I could've shown
Missed, missed-
Wish I didn't slip, slip-
Wish I didn't piss-
Off everyone I know
Twist, twist-
Twisting off my head,head
Set it on the shelf-
Gone as far as I can go
And I was lost-all along
So don’t bother, don't bother
Wrist's slit-
Think I better sit, sit-
Time to catch
My breath and watch the river flow
Shit, shit-Think I wanna stick, stick-
Don't think I
Wanna dismiss all I have known
Look at this mess, mess
Sick of all this death-
Everywhere I go
Rest, rest-
Think I failed the test, test
Sitting on my bed-
More lonely than you know
And take me-take me away
And give me-and give me-and give me a place
Such a lonely-I was lost-all along

Life Of Agony lyrics

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