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Lexia Allies - Stood Out Of Nowhere Lyrics

(Verse 1)
There has been nothing left behind
But your too good there's a weapon
Trying to put up a lead as a girl
Maybe I care about you last night
It just the same old lie
If you let yourself down to me
I know you are so scared what could happen

Cause if it's my destiny
I don't wanna run down with you
At least you forgive me as you think I'm sorry
I don't wanna stood out of nowhere
That you care to me if we were friends again
Maybe you didn't like the way it hurt
I am just out of the middle of nowhere
It not taken me home

(Verse 2)
You knew I was the best
When you feel apart to me
The time that you are letting go the problem
Staying with the words I love
But your not gonna hold my life
Just you needed some space
It's too dark that your naked tonight
Won't change to me cause if you think I am the one to be free

(Verse 3)
Having the best of you try it
But let's it go before you see
Telling what you feel but nothing it's not worth a fight
Let it out so I can't confession my rock to you
Please don't let it feel the emotion to a cry

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