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Lexia Allies - Locked My Heart Lyrics

(Verse 1)
It's broken whenever you see it through
Maybe it won't turned out the way it seem
Your the kind of heart just in sleeve
Can't I remember the days so long
I care all the way you go back down
Sometimes it feels my destiny

Don't let no hiding where I am post to be
So it locked my heart out for a moment
Doors are even stucked that no one can't blame
Trying to scream out of this dark hall
The moments shut this stupid things on earth
Maybe you just locked my heart that I can't talk
Somehow you remember this pattern
The same when the social lifes complete
Just my locked my heart in a different world

(Verse 2)
There are many things are mine
But you can't take the pain away
Something was open or close
Need to go there so fast
My destiny are flowing in the air
Taking this magic to high
Can't believe what I see for so clear

(Verse 3)
Not so long where I am post to be out of my world
When you close your eyes to see the vision I have tonight
Everything goes where I am in the furture
Taking a wrong life turned who I loved to far

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