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Lexia Allies - Since I Love You Lyrics

(Verse 1)
We are in love for a moment to pass you by
Everytime I sing you a love song
It my power to let us go
But right now just when you see the picture
I can love you in my heart
When I glow in the mirror
It's feel a destiny to ride me alone

They promise you for each other for now
When my world change in millions of places
That since I love you faraway
When you hold on me to tight
Like the wind toward the love lifes
Can be my superman for love
That I can't let this strong pass you by
Since I love you in my heart forever
But everything can see us fall apart for me
Just you smile away

(Verse 2)
If we were alone together
We can kiss at the moon so bright
But I can't let this time makes you tired
Trying to take my destiny back at you
So I can dream about you so long
Not when my heart says so
When you feel of my shoulders to

(Verse 3)
Let makes this for the night to be perfect
That I can't let this far to become us love
When I only feel the rights to kiss me back
So I love you when you says it's my perfect plan
Taking it back that I can't loose you
Someday I can't leave my heart to me
Just wanted to stay with you forever for now

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