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Lexia Allies - Baby I Am Gone Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I can't leave you alone
That I needed time to think
When your the closer to me
I didn't know your the boy I follow in my dream
Do you just hear the way I talked to you
Just trying to be myself one time
You knew everything going to be okay

So you try to get me through all night
But I can't stop thinking about you
You are baby I am gone that you care
There is nothing your way to stop the merious coming back
I can't control myself from the wind
Because it kept pulling me for love
I really can't get you off the ground
I can do to make it alright for me
Just you and I coming for more
I need my love back and it against my soul

(Verse 2)
With you that only I care for you
But sometimes I needed trust for everything I do yeah
Only when you say that I miss you
You can get over it and I need to
But anyday you wish you can come back for me
Nothing that was unpossible to be okay

(Verse 3)
Your the one who needs to be happy
I can't leave you alone that you are under the spot I lay there
And if your the one who stands out for me
When I think about it you
Something in my mind is pulling me strong
I can't think about it you
I can make myself in the destiny

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