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Lena Lovich - Lucky Number Lyrics

I never used to cry 'cause I was all alone,
For me, myself and I is all I've ever known,
I never felt the need to have a hand to hold,
In everything I do I take complete control,
That's where I'm coming from!
My lucky number's one!

I've everthing I need to keep me satisfied,
There's nothing you can do to make me change my mind,
I'm having so much fun -
My lucky number's one!
Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh!

I now detect an alien vibration here,
There's something in the air besides the atmosphere,
The object of the action is becoming clear,
An imminent attack upon my heart I fear,
The evidence is strong,
My lucky number's wrong!
Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh!

Something tells me my lucky number's gonna be changing soon,
Something tells me lucky number's gonna be changin' ...

You certainly do have a strange effect on me,
I never thought that I could feel the way I feel,
There's something in your eyes gives me a wild idea,
I never want to be apart from you my dear,
I guess it must be true -
My lucky number's two!

This rearrangement suits me now I must confess,
The number one was dull and number two is best,
I wanna stay with you -
My lucky number's two!
Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh!

Number two, number two....

Lena Lovich lyrics