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Legendary Pink Dots - Zero Zero Lyrics

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We checked out all the prophecies. We studied fat philosophies.
We made a graph... We chanted ooooommmmm
"ommni Padhni Disney Iceman Acme leary Marx Illuminatus Christus Clarke..."
We'd watch for saucers in the dark. We'd hunt lost arks;
tried splitting quarks - when all we wanted was a Mark.
Just a something proving something's out there.
Are you listening? No chance.

There never is a way without a why. Do we return after we die?
Is life a circle? Are we hurtled headfirst into space?
Will we wind up as the bunch of grapes that makes the wine...
that Christ exchanged for water. Are we blood? Are we lime? Do you live?
We need a sign - is anybody there? Are you listening?

And still the statues cry, the queen bee flies...
we try our damndest to explain the reasons why and how and when and where...
we're getting nowhere. No doors deep inside this corridor
of space and time... if space and time exist.
Oh we'll persist, if we exist. Are you listening?

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