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Legendary Pink Dots - The Palace Of Love Lyrics

"Don't mind me..." she whispered. "Go ahead and do just what you want to do.
Go rob a bank or go smash a window. I'll be waiting here with your slippers
and your tea. If they haul you off to jail, I'll visit every Tuesday. I'll
keep the chainlock on the door and buy everything mail-order. I'll plant
those photographs of you on every wall, in every corner. I'll have you
staring from the ceiling, I'll stay loyal even when I'm dreaming. I'll see
no-one else at all. You're my universe, my guide, my reason for existence.
I'll do anything you ask me - anything at all I belong to you. BELONG! You
own me, made me, have the power to destroy me... Go ahead I'm yours. I'm
yours. I'm on all fours, just do the hell what you like! I'm yours! You have
my soul. Sell it if you want to. I'm yours. I'm yours. I'm yours. Go ahead,
sell my soul. I'm yours..."

Legendary Pink Dots lyrics