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Leathafase - One Simple Thought Lyrics

Every time I open my mouth, Shots go off
I feel the force of a mortar if I happen to cough
If I sneeze, I clear a hundred acres of trees
The same results as Israel bombing the Lebanese
Deadliest disease known to mankind is AIDS
Some might say the Black Death, A.K.A. Bombonic Plague
There's some chronic that's sprayed with poison to kill roaches
And shotguns where made for hoop stars to kill chauffeur
By accident, Now rap artists wanna kill Oprah
Too bad, She'll die hard, Rock'n Fifty in the iPod Nano
I'm John Rambo, Set to draw First Blood
There might be a Ghost in the Shell, Your hit with a cursed slug
With a watermelon effect, I'ma burst your mug
And watch your brain drain like bath water down the tub
And I love the drama, Lyrically I'm homicidal
My recital could resurrect the first man that wrote the bible
I'm liable to snap, At any time with a semi-nine
Once I empty mine your guaranteed a straight flat line
I'm the latest design, Just a concept model
A rare prototype weapon, When I die others follow
Now I might have been your Father son but your Mother swallow
Cross my path I'll take your head and leave you Sleepy Hollow

Leathafase lyrics