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Laymen Terms - The C S Games Lyrics

crack jokes, break lines amongst your friends, deceitful, dishonest, confide through realms of this coward's talk we'll rise. ignore and break through your ties. holding down the scene that brings hope to our lives. face me and tell me what's on mind, at least then there'll be no disguise. why can't you hear our cries, to let it go, and find compromise. the looking glass self image that you see, the great anomaly, to me you're just another over played record melody that you repeat over and over, no one is listening so pack up all wrecks and leave. now you won't terrorize the scene. you treat this like it's a competitive game for fame. the music's played from the heart. for us that's everything. these stones you throw can never break the mould, that binds our hearts and souls for the love you sold.

Laymen Terms lyrics