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Lavell Jones - Gamble Lyrics

[Intro: Lavell Jones]
Uh oh, the bros is at it again, last track made me so entitled to win
Derrell on the beat, tell me when will it end
But Im down for the gamble, put my chips all in

[Verse 1: Lavell Jones]
If its all eyes on me then I guess its do or D.I.E.
And if I dont then Ill R.I.P. but Im really R.A.R.E.
But thats just me, and I dont really know about them
Life is real so I dont know about Sims
Ive been to church so I can tell you about sins they told me dumb it down so they can understand him
Wait, what yall dont get it? Should I dumb it down and be more specific?
But I stay my style and I stay original Im sorry I aint dumb and I got some wisdom
Mayne, dont get punched in the tooth, watch me get loose, all in this booth
Got a BMW watch me drop that roof, got em more Fd up then a hundred proof
Mayne, proof is in the putting, work is what Im putting in so Im getting out, what Im putting in, so it all rounds out so Im good in the end when it all works out
And thats, wordplay for you, aint effin up just foreplay for you
They dont want you to get more and more for you but thats how the world is mayne
They hate you then they love you
They leave you then they want you
Ive seen it all before, sorry gotta go, I cant sell my soul
I gotta stay true, I gotta gamble
All my chips are in, tryna place the chips in them, and them is us
What you think is up, the world it sucks nigga suck it up, up
And pucker up those lips and kiss my use of adjectives with this spin of illustrious, nouns and all these predicates
Im intelligent and to me, youre irrelevant, so I guess well just settle it but, I gamble.

[Hook: Lavell Jones]
Really Im a different kinda animal
You should really tune into my channel
Eatin niggas up like a cannibal
Pause, Hannibal, ah gamble
Something that these niggas cant handle
Winning this race in my sandals
Putting rappers heads on mantels, they cant handle when I gamble

[Verse 2: Derrell Peoples]
You know we came to do it, two dope brothers making too much dope music
Usually I be cooling yeah my mother made a cutie but don't get it misconstrued its
Not a thing nigga, it's just the Rare Individual gang nigga
A bunch of strange niggas making change nigga before we David Blaine nigga
What the heck you think this is boy? I'll tell you what your weakness is boy
You thinking youre competing with the black Jesus amongst a bunch of young geniuses boy
Man you dudes lack in passion, I'm a Thriller in the booth like a young Michael Jackson
I'm just bringing to reality whatever I imagine, you just talk and ain't nothing gonna happen
Ladies & gentlemen welcome to the sound of the century
Witness me go down into history
All because of this, I am simply the best since genesis, to infinity
I make believers out of niggas full of doubt, and alleviate the nonsense that they rambling about
The flow fresh like water from a spout so it's me who is needed to abbreviate the drought
Bang, you niggas know the name, you other monkey rappers can't hang with the gang its
Not a thing we focused and our aim is, to open unconscious minds and get famous
I dont know what to do, have I lost on whats true do I gotta scream you just to make a mil?
Or just to reach my goal, do I gotta sell my soul, do I gotta make a dance just to get a deal?
I dont know, but I know Im gon find out soon, feelin like a nigga dreams coming true, cause the team been bringing that boom
That was cool, but really dog it ain't nothing new
See for me this is really what we do, whereas for you it be like boo
That was predictable, but really dog it's time to quit the bull
Cause the times that we're living in are critical, you can't be a prince if youre living life pitiful
So Im just gambling mayne, I'm just gamble mayne
Who would've knew momma boy would've grew to be a gambling mayne, I'm just a gambling man.

[Interlude: Derrell Peoples]
If its all eyes on me then I guess it's DO or D.I.E.
And I dont then Ill R.I.P

[Verse 3: Lavell Jones]
Two dice in my hand like Im ready to roll
Been waiting on my time yeah, so Im ready to go
Got exs they sending me Xs and Os
Me Im tryna expand, get more folks out to the shows
And really, thats on some real ish though
Tryna expand the rare brand like lets push these clothes
With, that being said yall come and get these clothes
Listen to the lyrics and the instrumental
Cause, its instrumental to it all
Tryna step in, shut down malls
Tryna step out, win awards
Tryna perform, hear applause
Thats my name, welcome to the search, glad that you came
What its hittin for? Whats your aim?
Where the business go? Man it came
What you want? What you got?
You got a little, you got a lot
You want a plane? You want a watch?
You want a boat? You want a yacht?
Well yawk yawk, get it
Know some niggas that wanna pop my fitted
But for this game I am so dang fitted that it be horrific if Im not terrific
Thats terrifying, will I make it in this game thats more than likely
Will I try to do the right thing like Spike Lee
Electrifying now were flying
High, before my flight leave
This newness is so exciting
Rare music is so defying
That means Im gambling, you dont like it bite me

Lavell Jones lyrics