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La Coka Nostra - No Time For Tomorrow (no Hay Tiempo Para Maana) Lyrics

Below you can find the popular No Time For Tomorrow (no Hay Tiempo Para Maana) lyrics performed by La Coka Nostra. We have tried to make the No Time For Tomorrow (no Hay Tiempo Para Maana) song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

The tragedy of war is that these horrors are committed by normal men in abnormal situations
Situations in which the ebb and flow of everyday life have departed
and have been replaced by a constant round of fear and anger, blood and death

[Verse 1: Ill Bill]
Murder ? burner, smoke ? you
Coka take you from your birth to the hearse to the earth homes, nice to know you
I spell victory "W-A-R"
Walking through your front door spraying the AR
Vaporized pools of breath, rituals of death
Twin sisters giving head holding the pistol to your head
Fuck listening to your lies, I put the pistol to your eye
Rituals with live chickens and kitchen knives
? y'all bitches ? and y'all bastards children
Stabbed and killed them, threw them off the top of an abandoned building
Acid and pills, crack pipes, krillz, meth laboratories
Slaughter married victory, death buried glory
My nine pop you, TEC spray, you get bodied
Ride on you like a Hells Angel on a Harley
Heavy Metal King, emperor of the north star
Devils forever bring endless war till we all gone

[Verse 2]
Burning torture papers over forty acres
Is getting more glory, haters ain't no telling all your stories later
This a death trap, the casket close
No last kiss from mom, the gat's exposed
I see pallbearers as victims and raw terror
It's our era, our teradome with a metronome don't cause error
Toe-tag more fags in a little bit
Cops too, you know the boy Planet on that Philly shit
Coka, Outerspace, murder, death, kill murder
Music for the morgue, my mausoleums and y'all ?
This is blood where the flowers grow
Livestock in a pine box where the cowards go
I hate to be brutally truthful
This a rifle, this thing could beautifully shoot you
See the bullets ricocheting off of shit you saying
Hit you point blank, official with the pistol aiming

[Verse 3]
This game is filled with parasites and opportunists
That shit y'all do is gay, that is not a movement
Too many acting goonish slash acting foolish
I stash a full clip, put em in a trauma unit
Gorilla misfit, mechanical arm
Inverted crucifix chain piece, magical charm
Turn Bible verses into tragical psalm
Y'all wanna know what type of planet we on
I'm strapped with a bomb yeah and my pen is the detonator
Make the world collapse soon as it press the paper
Never seen a blue sky, never stressed the hater
I only hear true lies, this is what I'm made of
No time for tomorrow, never gonna settle later
I don't two-for-ones, I don't peddle phrases
I'm trying to rock yellow glaciers on a metal bracelet
We build the city of God and make the ghetto spacious

[Verse 4: Slaine]
Odds stacked against a man, push him to the brink
God's sacrilegious plan, dog stacking hundred grands
Tell me what you what you think
Got my butcher knife, I'll cut you like it's nothing
Cause it's nothing, now you gushing in the sink
You ain't nothing like your records, why you lying like you violent?
You ain't calm under pressure, you just harmless and silent
Never been inside of this environment that I'm in
My city's like a jungle and my mind's an asylum
My moves are unpredictable, my rituals despicable
My lyrics indestructible, my ? is invisible
Apparently these people isn't into what I'm into
It's simple cause my feet are firm
I never gave an inch to you
I'm mental on the instrumental, loony off the snare
Too grimy for the radio, they threw me off the air
I'm an outcast, my forecast is rough and gloomy
You can't fucking move me dog, this ain't nothing to me, c'mon

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