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La Chat - I Don't Trust Dem Boys Lyrics

I'm straight up out dat ghetto lookin' fo' a come up
I gotta make dat cheese talkin bout mega bucks
I'm spittin much game and I'm pull 'em in this thangs
But man this shit is slow, I need to try some other thangs
My brother, heavy on the low, boomin' into town
I see he living straight, he need to front his girl a pound
I be so f**ked up, that's da chance I gotta take
I'm dropping outta school, cause this cheese I gotta make
I holla at my brother, he done set his girl straight
Whatever for that cheese, on the track real late
I'm pushin so much dope, I done fell off in the mall

Me and Mac Doody, man we shop until we fall
I'm tryin not to splurge, gotta keep it on the low
But dawg that's hard to do, when you was used to being broke
I'm out here living nice, niggas jockin' my life
I got a karat gold smile and I'm dripped up in ice, shit

(repeat 2x)
I don't trust dem boys, get em all way from round here
Everybody talkin' how we flashin' all the time here
Police niggas snitchin' when I'm tryin to sell these pounds here
Need to shut the f**k up, you get yo' self drowned here

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