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Kumbia Kings - I Wish Lyrics

Spoken:Baby girl I was just sittin here thinkin'Bout all the times that we shared togetherWishing that
things could be differentBut now I'm sitting here all
alone,And wishing is all I have,Listen.I
wish that I could take away the pain,I wish we didn't
have to play these games,I wish the love we had
would've never ever changed,I wish that I could turn
my back and walk away,Just walk away.CHORUS:I wish that I could tell my eyes to stop
crying,I wish that you would tell your friends to stop
lying,I gave you everything a man could give a woman,Like 50 cars and diamond rings and all the things that money
brings,My time my heart my soul...How could you be
so blind?I wish I wish,I didn't feel this
emptyness,And I wish I wish,It didn't have to
end like this,I wish that you and I would be a family,But wishing is all I have.I wish that I could turn
the hands of time,I wish you knew the things you put me
through,I wish that you would just pick up the phone,And I wish that I could take away the things I said.(chorus)Spoken:I wish I didn't have to
replace you with someone else.

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