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Kottonmouth Kings - Boom Clap Sound Lyrics

Zippity zippity backa de back zep zep zoom ba ba boom
biba de bab clucky de clack put one in the hole
I'm ready to rap this how we do
when the kings in the building this how we do
when the caps start pealing this how we do
when Baer goes bare this is how we do
when I smoke on the green ya tell me you
motherfucker what you really wanna do
wanna run around a track while I run around it too
wanna run run run let me get that split that run run run
let me hit that rep that hit that rep that get that gold
let me put it in a pipe let me pack it in a bowl
wanna - run run run run run run run run

I never really get upset all the way to the point
where I feel like their is no hope lift now
tryna keep a good out look tryna reroute
all thoughts that will weight me down
all I assume to need is a big bag of weed
and a couple of shots of let's say crown
if you beef if I don't bang in my jeep
then we going to my town, my town
yea that's where I go when I need to go get oz
so I didn't blow my top off
face blow when I lose control
gotta tell em better come back in one piece body whole
I know you know or at least I know that you relate
cause these harps deserve to be story told
gonna take the least favorite song
on yer headphone and know that yer not alone

I put my stamp on it guaranteed freshness
the X factor quality tester handcrafted
packed up in vacuum seal
so when you bang it loud it's that shit that you can feel
real deal underground street sweeper stone town
were the future sound gatekeeper kottonmouth license and bongoes
when yer speakers beating now look who responded the A team
special unit stoner squad stomping out mudholes
told you it's a dirty job, clean up crew so pack a bong
hit fill it up to the top it's gonna be a long trip
eyes glazed blood shot I stay ripped
I disconnect from the system of power grit a Renegade
outcast, misfits will equip wit the cannabis survival kit

Boom clap boom clap sound to the poem sound to the poem sound to the poem
I don't know about to lose control here they go

Here that, that be the sound of the police on the way to ruin your time everybody
In the area spark it up so they lose their mind

Boom clap forshezee I'm gonna keep these raps bizzy
I'm gonna keep my brain all dizzy bemap when you get boom klizzy
clap clap when you hear my gun go blap blap that be the rebel
of partying bringing so give the bubble to snap snap yea now
where did they all go move to the beat keep putting the peace
we filling the street I front of the crowd pulling the heat
and never to stop and never decease I'm off of the leash
so give me the keys you gotta believe me open yer eyes
and now you can see me over the lies
I'm overly dreaming you looking around yer bringing the ground
forever I'm pealing just stay to the track
I'm eating the gluts and stealing simmers of time
resemble the grizzly feeding resemble for what I'm achieving
w'ere in it to rap you call me heaving
fuck everybody I'm ending up leaving
the party is over the stress it ain't stopping
who's looking for good but now it ain't popping
and now that I see the true color I think I'll be dropping
out the race to keep it from flopping keeping the party alive
the only one option the only one option

Kottonmouth Kings lyrics