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Kottonmouth Kings - Time Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Time lyrics performed by Kottonmouth Kings. We have tried to make the Time song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao
When my times up
I'll raise my pimp cup
I'll drink it all down, and then we'll blaze one up
Because lifes a game I know I played it well
I've got a legacy of love and some stories to tell
Oh well
I knew this day would come
When I would have to say goodbye to all my loved ones
Skyblue, I'll miss you more than all the rest
Your my only living seed im gunna miss you to death
Baby girl
You the truest of the true
Can't nobody ever take the place of you
On the real
Allthogh lives still unbreakable
Its unmistakeable and ansered in time
That means forever like thier moms and mine
Hustle agaisnt the wall, we walk dow the line
Tell my family, fans and all my good freinds
When this life ends the next one begins

What's gunna happen when you time runs out
Whacha gunna do where are you gunna go now
Who are you gunna see when you time runs out
Who is it gunna be and why is it gunna happen
Will you be ready when your time goes out
Time runs out time runs out
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao

I really dont like to think
About when the sands of time will run outa mine
Nobody shouldn't be thinking about death and their prime
Shit, we should still be hearing biggie and pac rhyme
But if I do die
I hope you dont cry
I hope you celebrate, I lived a great life
Know I am alive and know I'll be around
I'll never be gone
I'll always be in P-town
Up and down the streets
And on the avenues
When you drive you can catch me in your rear veiw
Laughing having fun and smileing
Kicking it with bass getting crazy straight ryling
For my family, know that I loved ya
All you gotta do is look up
Im always above ya
Looking out for ya and watching ya back
I'll be your gardian angel on your side and thats a fact


See in your hour glass...
Time falls fast...
When it drops past...
I'll sit back and laugh...

I guess it's my time for me to say goodbye
And I don't wanan see anybody start to cry
Theres a time where everybody gots to go
A sad story but it needs to be told
I'ts been a bless yes so much fun
I can't beleive its here, never thought it would come
I've always been afraid to know I'm gunna die
To face the facts in this thing called life
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao free my soul
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao untill we meet again
For my family and freinds, I can't thank you enough
For all the memories, I know it's gunna be tough
And my special one
The love of my life
Alisson Marie
Forever we be

[chorus 2x]

Kottonmouth Kings lyrics

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