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Kj-52 - Dad: 'that's How You Got Your Name' (intro) Lyrics

And when we recorded {chuckles}
we recorded your first sound, on the, cassette tape
You, you were crying, I guess you came out rapping {chuckles}
You had alot to say, in fact, uh, we, we didn't have a name for you at that time
And um, I remember, they wouldn't let you leave the hospital with us
until we had a name for you, and, we asked the, the doctor who delivered you
who actually delivered mama's youngest brother
I, I asked him, I said, well what's a name you haven't heard in a long time
because we, I remember we had a lot of discussion on what your name was going to be
if you were a boy or a girl, and uh, he said well I havent heard the name Jonah
for quite some time, because you were special, to us
so you were going to have a special name
So we said, we'll name, I said, well what if, we don't have a name
and he said well, were, well you can't leave the ba-
leave the hospital with a, with, with baby "x"
{Chuckles} You were going to be baby "x"
So I said well we'll name him Jonah, and I said do you like that name
And she said, yeah, we'll name him Jonah
And that's how you got your name

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