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Kirko Bangz - Nae Nae Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Nae Nae lyrics performed by Kirko Bangz. We have tried to make the Nae Nae song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Hol up
Aye nae nae
I know nigga that like this nigga here stupid

I fucked yo bitch and made her sleep on the floor
She sucked my dick and made me skeet on her nose
Her face looked like a couple cinnamon rolls
And I tell her ho bitch go and get me my robe
You know it's Versace don't drag on the floor
She tryna stop and drop I said get ready to roll
She looking at me like I got a million soul
And the first to get a picture when I walk in the store
My car got candy my drink got candy
I'm gripping on the wood like my first name Andy
Yo bitch hang around the stall like she was Sandy
Cause I'm walking on the green like my nigga name Bambi
I got more wheel than the damn wheel train
Yo girl ask she need to call young Bangz
My dick make it grow like the damn Rogaine
And I think that she gon' let us like the damn Roman
I'm pulling up in something they comparing to jets
I ain't drop the album they comparing to vets
I guess cause I'm a dog and I guess that I'm sick
Bitch go shave you too old ho that's childish
Don't be using teeth you too old ho that's childish
I'm sharper than the edge of paper baby come and file me
And only God can judge me I'm in heaven if you try me
Aye nae nae
Horse on the way
Call all your partners cause you know that they gon' pay
And we gon' buss it down we gon' split it both ways
Like Dominique dolls her ass kind of plod
And girl I got the hook up two pumps in the garage
And all my music fat [?]
I'm hooping on the stars go to Jupiter for guards
And I only come back to Earth to pick up Ms. Minaj

Aye nae nae
Hol up
Youngin' east side

Kirko Bangz lyrics