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Kirko Bangz - The Motto (freestyle) Lyrics

What it do? what it does
I don't want ya girl but you let her in the club
So, shit I'm bout to get her, bad bitch killa
All about the cheese you can call a nigga spinna
I been drinkin all night, drinkin all night
If she want it then I will jada pinkett all night
Young nigga catch flight
New bitch every night
I be runnin through these hoes with my nigga black knight
Like, that's my nigga steve, that's my nigga steve
And my nigga G. hayes got alotta trees
And my nigga manny keep a bad bitch fa me
My nigga CJ drop a hoe to her knees
And uhh, Mark pull a hoe up out the WalMart
And proly fuck her in the stall at the Walgreens
But shit, everybody know that them my niggas dawg
And yeah, every bitch know that I'm a killa dawg
I'm in that all black truck, with that all black tuck
Flippin bitches man, we call that shit that all black luck
Doin all black tux, yeah that's what I'm a call it
When I'm done I forget all about whatcha ma call it
When I'm out and when I'm ballin
When one of my niggas is hatin
Cause them fuck niggas ain't bout it
Yea them fuck niggas ain't callin... no shots
Defensive niggas they block
These niggas ain't got nun of that shit that they toothpickin bout
These niggas see that I'm hot
They bitches want me alot
And I'm a give her wat she want as long as my niggas not
I'm pullin up in the drop
I'm pullin up and they bout
Real H-town nigga [?] nigga you Really NOT
Real H-town nigga, nigga you really not


Now she want a photo
You already know though
It's the muffukin motto
Bitches wanna swallow
Hoes wanna follow
Fuck niggas wanna borrow

Yeah, nigga swagg huh
Yeah, nigga bad huh

(Rub my dick hoe)

Kirko Bangz lyrics