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King Lil G - Out To Get Me Lyrics

[Chorus: PJ The Gator]
Oh when I'm rolling in the streets
What do I see?
I see reflections in the mirror
Plotting on me
Seems everybody is out to get me
Trust no one but me
It's hard to separate my family
From my enemies

[Verse 1]
With all these haters
Now it's hard for me to focus on
The good life
When I come from where the roaches crawl
Frisco bens: tattoos
And my head was bald
Everybody killa
Who wants it?
Just bring it on
I can't explain it
My hood is like a family
I felt pain in my heart
Rest in peace shaggy
Tears going down my face
Me & my brother solo in the regal
Loading up the k
Surrounded by the biggest gang
Much love to my ogs
Folsom & pelican bay
Kato we all miss you
Straight rider
Nobody could fuck with you
Young dopey
I love em like a brother
That's my loyal soldier
We gon' ride for one another
I hope you get out soon
I got plans
Let the haters talk
While we advance


[Verse 2]
This muthafucker is acting funny now
He wants to betray me
Reminds me of my ex bitches
Acting all shady
My ex-homeboy is mad
Cause I rap and he raps
And now he's frustrated
Trying to get on the map
How the fuck is it my fault?
That no one is feeling you
Trying to make up excuses
On all my million views
My homies don't notice you
Bitches ain't in to you
I bet you hope I say your name
In one interview
You cross your fingers
But it won't happen
Your father should of taught you
Oh that's right
You're a fucking bastard
Have some respect for those who helped you
Can't you see its obvious
The streets have never felt you
Cause you fake & you fucking plastic
You think you rap sick
Never had shit
Never fucked a bad bitch
Stop saying I'm your rival
Admit it muthafucker I'm your idol


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