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King Lil G - Narco Corridos Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Never been afraid of death
Tell pac I'm coming soon
My music is the reflection
Of makaveli's wounds
I'm a fucking king
Put gold up in my tomb
Even though I made to heaven
My rag is still blue
I'm dressed in white
And I'm tatted too
Visions of all my ex bitches
Loving my attitude
God lord forgive me
For the way that I acted a fool
I smash these other rappers
What did I have to prove?
My raps improved
Hand guns - I had a few
I caught my enemy slippin'
In lonely avenues
I'm sorry but you bitch mutherfuckers
Just had to go
Around the same time
I sold my first grams of coke
I'm from the ghetto
My dad was broke
The fridge was empty
With spoiled milk
The ham was old
I use to look up at the sky
Wishing we had the most
Gang banging
Had a long list of fools
We had to smoke

Cocaina - kilos
I'm talking bout this real shit
Like narco corridos
I'm rapping real shit
Like narco corridos
Fuck my rivals
Balas pa mis enemigos
I'm in the building
Sucios in the building
I'm in the building
Sucios in the fucking building
I'm in the building
Sucios in the building
Nobody crys after the death of a drug dealer

[Verse 2]
Rest in peace rodello
Aka el pocho anthrax
The feds watching
And undercovers in helicopters
Tattooed guns
King enemy is my alias
I'm all of your bitches
Dedicated to all of the envies
There you go
You can hate on this
Try but no one is changing this
Fuck discrimination against all illegal aliens
Rewind that
Put that shit on vevo
A bunch of women
Buchanans - cuernos de chivo
Grupo gente nueva
Private parties - corridos
Jewelry and drug money
Bitches loving my stilo
They bumping this on the eastside
Loving this on the westside
Bumping this on the southside
Enemies know I'm bout mine
This one is for el capo
Fatman and gatos
Beto my road dawg
Sucios I'm outro

Ak-47 cartel music
Money making - always active
Always active music


King Lil G lyrics