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Kid Ink - Blowin Swishers Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Blowin Swishers lyrics performed by Kid Ink. We have tried to make the Blowin Swishers song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Yeaah... uh
Comin where I wanna
Eyes wide shut close reek of marajuana
It's stuffy up in here got it lookin like a sonna
Smokin kills Terminator you can call it Sarah Conor
Gotcha coughin like you gotta cold nigga
Fuck you doin? blowin swishers

Man and I'm high as hell
Yeah my life is like a movie hope you gotta stale
I'm I'll muthafucka I don't need a meal
But my pockets got the munchies and I feed em well
Why yo money lookin like it's on a diet pill
I can eyeball dat I ain't gotta scale
Split it down and dump it nigga
Fuck you doin? blowin swishers

And I'm tryna smoke with all ya'll
Rollin papers and I feel like a ball hog
I can't pass dat, the way I hit
Dats only one round mike tyson
It ain't no papers in my house, I don't write shit
But yo bitches prolly here on a night shift
Baby stop by the store but I don't need liquor
Fuck you want? pack of swishers.

Cause I'm a get you high tonight
Once you learn how to roll it's a ridin bike
Said I'm over niggas heads on cloud nine
Fuck what you got my nigga smell mine
This ain't a art gallery why everybody starin
Gotta house full of bunnies where the fuck is on a ferris
I'm in the cut, you can keep your rithless
Fuck you doin? blowin swishers

And I don't wanna hear that it taste good
One hit it, it's you feel it in yo face good
We cookin baby you could meet me over here
Got everybodies eyes lookin medium rare
How I'm comin on the beat it's fuckin really unfair
Seen the haters talkin shit but I really don't care
You can all suck a dick, feel it in yo throat nigga
Fuck you doin? blowin swishers

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