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Kid Ink - My City Lyrics

Below you can find the popular My City lyrics performed by Kid Ink. We have tried to make the My City song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Kid Ink]

When you come to my town, see we do it big in my city
We can get this whole block shut down
When you come to my town, see a couple things that ain't pretty
I apologize if it gets wild
But we gotta represent ours
We gotta represent ours [x3]
When you come to my City

[Kid Ink]
Welcome to my city;
Palm trees, find me; High as a hippie
20 for the chucks, 'nother 20 for the dickies
If you see them Boys in the Hood like Kenny better run like Ricky
Snapback, hat back, quick tell 'em that we run LA; Track practice
Now, you know where I'm at you ain't gotta mapquest
Ridin' down Hollywood, lookin' for a Actress
Tell 'em that it goes
Thursday, eat in, Friday, my house, Saturday, Crenshaw, Sunday back at my house
Rollin' in a 64, somewhere down, 64
Headed to the Jungles to the Don, See my nigga?
Born and Raised, I am no pretender, niggas know I came from the gutta like Splinter
And I got Nina on my hip like a side chick
Anybody ask tell 'em that it's Westside bitch!


[Killa Kyleon]
H-O-U-S-T-O-N, T-E-X-A-S
Am I trill bet they say yes, I'm that cat that they say next
HNIC I keep it G, just like that V I'm at they neck
I'm a creature not Aretha but I do get my respect
Run these tracks, lace up my Nikes; So I can go chase these checks
When I get mine I'ma thank my grind, walk in that bank, give Chase my check;
Cash my shit, due self I split it
Hop in that slab better brace yo neck, All eyes on me includin' yo bitch
If you want that hoe keep yo hoe checked
Paint so wet that I gotta rock trunks
We roll slabs and we don't do dunks
Shoes be four's and they don't be pumps
We smoke Kush and we don't do bump
FN cocked and we don't do pumps
One false move that'll get you slumped
City of the Syrup where we sip that lean
Put a 4 in that 20 and we on that punch


[Red Cafe]
Cadillac 24's, smoke tint, stash box
Timberland, Pelle Pelle, Gucci Belt, strap slot
New York, I said it New York
Better show respect when you come to my city take yo shoes off
I am at the toll booth, collectin' my payment
Hottest in the hood got my name carved on the pavement
My niggas is A-List, in the corner office, somethin' like royalty, princess in my crosses
Hoes got 'em lined up, bitch take a number
These lames layin' paper on 'em I be layin' lumber
In the Rotten Apple, ballin' like a Knickerbocker
Now you can meet the Fockers; or you can meet the choppas
Tat, Tat, all my niggas in the 'Rack
Drop that oil in that water, whip it up it's right back
In the Coup bulletproof, Ah, boy hood approved
No limit money, they hollerin' Hooty-Hoo


[Machine Gun Kelly]
Kells, from the city where, outta towners get jumped no Nike Airs
Buyin' a bottle in the club and throwin' off another because a motherfucker plottin' over my chair
And it's my year, this my day, me and all the boys all Smokey like Friday
Hit the Eastside turn in the driveway, but I got power in the West, Kanye;
My city taught me to speak that talk
How to crack that stove when that heat turned off
How to rock my Chucks till my feet fall off
What to do when the lights in the streets went off;
I'll D-I-E for the Orange and Brown
Lebron left, I took that crown!
Everyday on tour, but the 7-1 North tattooed let me know I'm Cleveland bound
I'ma Midwest boy, salute my team, EST over everything
THC up in all my green, lit it up for the people in the middle of the
Lace up bitch, Lace up bitch
Anybody hate come taste it bitch
Two white balls and a head above yo neck, that's called a facial BIATCH!

[Kid Ink]
See we do it big in my city, we can get this whole block shut down

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