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Kid Ink - No Option Lyrics

Below you can find the popular No Option lyrics performed by Kid Ink. We have tried to make the No Option song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Take a look around ain't nothing brand new
But the brand ain't clothes and a couple tattoos
City going nuts like a f*cking cash you,
I'm the man in the city, don't get it confused
Like every day, west side dues, never hood too... what size these shoes?
Green in my eyes, red fire in my lungs,
These diamonds blue don't hold your time
You can touch this dick, got an issue hit her
Shots fire, crystal spit up before your name, do you remember?
And what it's gonna say when I do you nigga
I don't hold no grass, just hold my nuts,
Made should have gained but I only in...
I don't f*ck, all she say I don't hold no fuck
All she say nigga, hoe don't fuck,
Middle fingers stat to the world on it,
Might jump but a nigga can't build my legs,
I'm high on the moon try my flag, but a team got a dream but our ace slug yeah
All you niggas wrote bugs, got a fat ass blunt I'ma wrote mugs
I don't need no coke I, gone for the wind it's no option

Yeah! It's no option
Yeah! It's no option
Look around, it's no option!
Yeah! Tell me what you know bout it

[King Los:]
Life work is the free road for,
Post on nigga strong on people know
I got the ice tea range in the beat coco,
I say, ice TTV and coco, that's coco like cocaine nigga be slow though
Drop the ice in the pottle we three modo,
Know what you... they move a lot of yey yey
To see a girlfriend get the key low low
I might have dropped that color, but I passed the case
I get the old school scratch grand master flash,
And took it like Chris Cross with a bag her ass
Because you must be how with you... ass, pollin'
Niggas workin' word one, will they play at?
Turn into a tuggin when I show where that kay at
Save at, I'm willin' it the fortune, lay back
Rain like people, but I might bring maybach, or might...
cause my neck and my back acking,
My mack and my tack for mice never faking,
The back and I here made it, I made em take it,
I innovated, I made em stacking?
I'm checking niggas my nigga who plan making take it
Making stacking, I say they I wouldn't make it,
Damn, what these niggas ain't learned to be foke
I make home look good like the burn of a stuck, yeah

Yeah! It's no option
Yeah! It's no option
Look around, it's no option!
Yeah! Tell me what you know bout it

Look about a hundred is a hundred could be
cause my whole mother*cking ghetto could be
I'm a king so my thousand dollar sleep on the gas and the phantom
I mean these rose petals on my feet,
Yes Lord, yes Lord, step on it nigga, step on
cause that's the... looking better... you triggers
Your minds roll butt pet roll, hold up!
I said look me wallin', boogies stoppin'
... with your shooter pocking,
Took your wallet, your girl seat the gig game,
Money is shit... game on the oozy hackin
I drop to top down, you're looking...
My? I do the wheel so leave the ass up,
And look like I got the sheavy p**sy poppin'.
Sitting back and my scene feel fifty,
Fee how I reach all luck down nigga look on speak
Check your IG, the OG, look for my name and stuff inside of a switcher
Switching lane no sign a slipper, kill a strip no sign of a serene
Sip this straight I'm chasing my?
I can't lose nigga too unlikely
Ain't no time when I lose my night
Likely money sleep on the nice... next to the...
I mean I am more than a man in the must up,
Me and the mafia f*ck your squad drink
Getting key laws then won't... us,
But your name is no option.

Yeah! It's no option
Yeah! It's no option
Look around, it's no option!
Yeah! Tell me what you know bout it

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