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Kid Ink - My Own Lane Lyrics

Below you can find the popular My Own Lane lyrics performed by Kid Ink. We have tried to make the My Own Lane song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Uhyea yea
(said im a mothafuckin rider)

[Verse 1]
They tryin to tell me slow up keep it snail
Settle down, be yourself
Stop trying to act like whats his name?
But i dont know how to be no one else
Made in the mothafuckin city
Aint no blueprint tryin to make a milli
stay in school is all they yelling
No degree? nigga must be a failure
Thats that dream that a broke nigga sell ya
But i dont pay no attention
See the goal that im going for inches with no worries and no emphsis
My, name is all that i carry
The pain is all that I bury
Stay, gassed up the lights out we riding around no right route just..

Lookin at the side of the road
I been ready to roll
Tryin to ride in my own lane
Cant nobody tell me to stop
No not even the cops
I dont think that its gone change
Ima mothafuckin rider
Better get beside cause
Tryina ride in my own lane
Said Im a mothafuckin rider
Better get beside cause
Tryin to ride in my own lane..

[Verse 2]
What, the fuck, is you sayin?
We dont sound no where close to the same
Just listen close to the shit you playing
Aint nothing new in my city
Tattoos from the bottom all the way to the brain
Errybody head need a PCA
We living that real life G-T-A
Check yo map thats what i say
Nigga dont need no PS-tres
Reporting from the westside my
Nigga gone eat like anime
And i may, show out
Thats the only way a young nigga know how
To appreciate my blessings
Maybe sooner or learn my lesson, but
Im a motherfucking rider
Car full a bitches how they even fit inside her?
Been the same way since high school its nothing awkward
You cant tell me nothing too high tryin to listen but its obvious

Kid Ink (UGH)
Alumni Bitch
I know you see me pullin up
My own lane
January 7th

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