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Kid Ink - Spaced Out Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Spaced Out lyrics performed by Kid Ink. We have tried to make the Spaced Out song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Spaced out, you know what I stay about
Let go out of your mind now, baby you aint never been this high
Spaced out, you know what I stay about
Let me take you far, got you sitting with the stars

[Verse 1]
Spaced out, tools up, haters down
Baby slow it up like the H-town
Be a long night if you stay around
I hope you ready for it
Feelin so high, need ready for it
Take a hit, feel the kick like Nike force
And Im on, faded in
Turn up, dont fade me out
We in this bitch like Indians
Just made it rain, tell em fuck a drought
Ive been doing this shit since high school
Smokin on good, clubs in Hollywood
Yeah its okay, gonna have your turn
LA my city, bout to do it big
Worm on a motherfucker
Friday, every day, my way
Tell Simon to do what I say
You got five, roll up that bombay
And we gone, outta here
Smokin on them cobwebs
Top floor of the building like Spiderman
Aint nobody higher than


[Verse 2]
On a whol nother planet
Feelin so fly, niggas cant stand it
Know I stay lit with a scented candle
Cant focus, better fix your cameras
Going on a ride that you cant handle
Better grab your handle, baby Im a handful
Cottonmouth got me spittin like a camel
Wild animal, aint no telling
What Im gonna land on
Watch out, Im stoned sitting in a glass house
With that loud, and you quiet as a mouse
Bart Simpson nigga sittin on the couch
Clowns, start the show
Just break it down
Call me quick draw, cant see the colors
And nobody above us

[Hook x2]

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