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Kawir - Zeus Lyrics

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We call upon Zeus.
King of the gods.
Oh! Father guides us.

Zeus is the sun and the moon.
Zeus is the winds and the storms.
Zeus is the earth and the stars.
Zeus is the unbending flame.
Zeus is the night and the day.
Zeus was born men and a nymph.

We remember the time.
When your mother hides you.
From the wrath of your father Kronos.
In a cave of Crete.
And Amalthia feeds you with the horns.
Of wisdom and Korivantes dancing.
Around you.
The dance of men.
The dance of war.
Oh! You are the archon of lightning!

The years has passed away and then
The Christians have arrived.
They killed your priests, destroy the temples.
Oh! Zeus now guide us in a justify war.
This filthy sickness, must eclipse.
They tried many times to kill your children.
This divine hellenic race.
And now the only vision that we have is...
Revenge, revenge, revenge.
Strike with lightning

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