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Kawir - Gaia Lyrics

Oh! Gaia, great goddess who gives life to
Everything that lives and grows on the infinite body.
Embrace the boundless areas.
In other long forgotten worships.
They call for thee by the inexpressible names.
And also inexpressible is the name of the mountain.
They were the priests carrying torches
To invoke the speaking words that the
Human minds cannot comprehend.

Gaia, all mighty goddess

In your endless body the gave birth to the tartars.
The dreadful tartars.
There were no life exists but only shadows.
The shadows of the past.
Thou mingled with the universe and gave birth to fearful gods.
Oh! Great mother I call thee.
Saw me the ancient secrets.
Give me the universe's being.
Give me eternal life.
Give me the knowledge of the black arts.

Oh! Gaia.

Kawir lyrics