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Katy Perry - Waking Up In Vegas Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Waking Up In Vegas lyrics performed by Katy Perry. We have tried to make the Waking Up In Vegas song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

You gotta help me out
its all a blur last night
we need a taxi coz ur hung over
and im broke

i lost my fake ID
but u lost the motel key
spare me a freakin dirty look now
dont blame me

U wanna cash out
and get the hell outta town
dont be a baby remember what u told me

Shut up and put ur money where ur mouth is
Thats wat u get 4 wakin up in Vegas
Get up and shake the glitter off ur clothes now
Thats wat u get 4 wakin up in Vegas

Wht r these lights so bright
Did we get hitched last night
Dressed up like Elvis
Why am i wearin ur class ring

Dont call ur mother
Coz now we'er partners in crime
Dont be a baby
Remember what u told me


U got me into this
information over load
Situation lost control
Send out an SOS


And get some cash out
we'er gonna tear up the town
yea dont be a baby remember wat u told me
remember wat u told me
told me(3)

Hey yeahhh


Thats wat u get baby
Shake the glitter
Shake shake the glitter
Gimme som cash out baby(2)

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