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Karim - The Right Way Lyrics

(1st verse)
Tired in the bed? So unfortunate. You must not know me.
Said he ain't doing it? He's on the same thing? Oh he's still on missionary...

(pre hook)
Oh so you like it slow.
Said he doesn't take you paces that you wanna go?
Said he aint doing all the things he gotta do?
He needs to take better care of you.

I know, so let me show you the right way.
So lost, but I could take you there.
He can't be puttin down with a single doubt.
He might be trying, but when is he gonna work it out? Let me show you just what this (uh) thing is all about. The right way, The right way

(2nd verse)
Maybe he's too thin, excuses for him.
He's just not in my league! (someday though)
Can you really stick with him? He'll never win.
Oh he still dont eat the....

(pre hook)

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