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Kalin And Myles - Lil Function Lyrics

(It's YBM on the thang though)

I be going dumb
And they be going stupid
We came to have fun
I'm bout to get zouted
If you come to the function then leave your drama at the door
Its just too many bad ones in here so what you waitin' for

It's the 925 with the 510
K and M in this thing bruh you already know
I might be up in the function going crazy
Ima take my shirt off
Ima have a baby
Ima have a really good time if the speakers loud
If the party going up then it ain't coming down
Everybody coming close can you gather round
Now stop your feet on the ground if you really with it (yeah)
Shake your dreads with it, going dumb like I might lose my head with it
Two loud I ain't hear what you said with it
She was twerking like she tryna get in bed with it (YEE)
And now I'm feeling like Mac
I got the you if you ain't worried bought the cap
To turnt from the front to the back
And you know it's YBM on that thang with the blap


I said there ain't no party like a KAMFAM party cuz the KAMFAM party don't stop [x4]

Kalin And Myles lyrics

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Songwriters: Kalin Jure White, Myles Blake Parrish