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K-rino - I Just Wanna Know Lyrics

When you ask yourself these questions
Just know and understand that
It's a lot of us asking the same questions with you
Don't be afraid to wonder, and question
Why things ain't perfect
And why things don't always line up the way you plan em
Don't be scared to ask, whole lot of things I wanna know

I just wanna know, what my purpose is
Will I ever win, or am I just living out worthless years
Can I conquer the heaviness, of my nervous fears
When will I ever, stop saturating the earth with tears
Trying to over fix a problem, only makes it worse
Don't you hate, when you do some'ing you can't reverse
I wore down, every shoe I put my foot in
When will I finally win, for all this hard work that I put in
How come it's so easy, to fall in love with people
But so hard to overcome the pain, once they leave you
Generosity died, when we discovered greed
Being negligent, and barely thinking of our seeds
See material things, we love indeed
How come we constantly, put our wants above our needs
I'm trying to learn, I ain't trying to harass
They say the only stupid question, is the one you don't ask so

I just wanna know, how it looks how it feels
To be living in a state of peace, surrounded by the real
I just wanna know, before it's all said and done
Will I ever cash in, will my time ever come
Money don't make me, please don't confuse it
You with me when I got it, but you gone when I lose it
I feel bad, cause I did wrong in the past
I don't mind a little struggle, but how long do it last

I got my own load to carry, I can shoulder that
Trying to help, unappreciative people I'm over that
They just wanna try to get a piece, of what you holding black
Keep me in they circle, like a house in a cul-de-sac
After the break up, seems like my ex is wiser
I saw her acting so polite, I barely recognized her
I argued hard, to teach her who she was and who she wasn't
I guess my job, was to train her for a future husband
I ain't sure of your intentions, though I'm seeing clues
Do you ever get the feeling, that you being used
I can't count how many times, I been wrong in life
I ain't always right, sometimes I question my own advice
When the morning outside, I wish that I was in
And once I'm in, I see that it's nothing and wanna leave again
Cause what good, is increasing my wealth
If I'm wrestling everyday, to find peace with myself so


How come the real soldiers, got no one to ride for em
Why do we worship shoes so much, we sleep outside for em
Deception even in religion, now the church is proof
How come we'd rather live in ignorance, than search for proof
I say the hood done lost hope, and I bet ya whatever
A church on every corner, but it's more wretched than ever
The dope man getting money, at a faster rate
Liquor store too, and they don't even have to pass the plate
Without wanting to change, we'll never be free exactly
What makes another person mad, when they see you happy
Don't tell God how big your problems are, the world is his
Flip it around, tell your problems how big God is
What's up with the hate, on every dime we try to make
I just wanna know, how many mo' beatings we gotta take
When we gonna learn, that they don't want us to populate
Must of seen us real small, it don't take a lot of faith


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