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Juatin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris Lyrics

Verse(Justin Bieber): U know you love me, U kno u care just shout weneva nd i'll b der u were my luv u were my heart and we will nmeva eva eva be apart are we an item gurl quit playin we're just friends wat r u sayin sed there's another who luked rite in my eyes my first love broke my heart for the first time and i was lyk

Chorus: Bby Bby Bby noooooo lyk bby bby bby noooo lyk bby bby bby ooohhh i thought you'd always b mine mineee(x2)

Verse 2(Justin Bieber): oh 4 u i would've done wateva and i just cant believe we're here 2gether, and i wanna play cool but im losin u i'll buy u anything i'll buy u any ring and im in pieces bby fix me and u shake till u wake 4rm this bad dream im goin down down down down and i just cant believe my first luv wont b around nd i was lyk


Verse 3(Ludacris): Wen i was 13 i had my first love there was nobody that compared to my bby nd nobody came inbetween us or cld eva cum above she had me goin crazy of i was starstruck she woke me daily dnt need no starbucks she make my heart pound it skip a beat wen i see her in the street and its cool on the playground bt i really wanna see her on the weekend she kno she got me dazin cuz she was so amazin and now my heart is breakin but i just keep on sayin


Juatin Bieber lyrics