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Josh Kelley - Travelin Lyrics

Tell me I didn't miss anything
Travelin' around in your head
You know my legs are tired
Of runnin' the maze you've planned

So, just lie to me baby
Tell me maybe
All the while
You never made me smile

So, just lie to me baby
My mind is hazy
Now you're gone
I'm havin' so much fun
Yeah, yeah, yeah....

You tell me that you're bothered
With the lies that you've been fed
'Cause oh lord one more broken promise
To the search of a new band
But the feeling seems so mutual
Its the fabric of our lives
Timing so unusual
It makes us wanna fight
Take your games elsewhere honey
I'm not feeling right
Maybe you'd be better off if you just try
Just try, just try...


Josh Kelley lyrics

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Songwriters: JOSH KELLEY