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Jon Lajoie - Sunday Afternoon Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen get off the dance floor
and start doing your chores its Sunday afternoon!

It's Sunday afternoon
and there a few things that I have to do
And I'm gonna do 'em and I'm gonna do 'em

First up, I gotta tidy up
my place is getting messy
haven't cleaned it in a month
I may be having friends over tomorrow night
It's not confirmed but just in case
I'd like my place to look nice

Then I'll go out to the grocery store
and get some more dish soap
I ran out a week ago
and I've been mixing it with water
just to make it last a little longer
but now there's really nothing left

Then I'll stop by at my parents' to say hi
and maybe have a cup of coffee and a piece of pie
And I'll ask them how their week was...
"How was your week?"
And they'll tell me how their week was...
"Pretty good."


Then I'll head down to the mall
pick up some black socks
I don't really need them
but I heard that they were half off
You can never have too many socks you know
so that you can always throw away the ones with holes

Next up, take my dog out for a walk
he needs the exercise and at the same time I talk
to the other people walking their dogs...
I usually ask them questions about their dogs
"How old is he?"

Then I have to return this DVD of pornography
that my friend rented
I swear to God that it wasn't me...
"It's not mine, I swear."

Alright fine, but it was the first time
I am not the kind of guy that watches porn all the time...
Alright fine I watch porn all the time


I only have one thing left to do
and I'm not gonna do it in front of you
So I'm gonna end the song like this
as I warm up my wrist...

"Dammit, I forgot to buy kleenex."

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