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Jon Allen - Lucky I Guess Lyrics

Been eaten up, chewed on and spat out cold
Short changed, underpaid and oversold
Some people say Ive been the victim of my own success
I cant explain it; Im just lucky I Guess

I played the game for what it was got hung out to dry
They threw me to the lions just for a telling a lie
The way some people talk you would have thought I could have hung for less
Oh but dont blame me boy, Im just lucky I guess

Shipwreck me and Ill build a boat
Throw me overboard and I swear that Ill float
Theres nothing you can do to me I havent done to myself

Ive lived down in the trenches with the pimps and thieves
Ive wadded through the mud till it was up to my knees
Ive seen things to make the laughing cavalier depressed
The way I see it, Im just lucky I guess

Ive met every sweet talking judge in this town
They never love you more than when theyre sending you down
Now Im just another number doing time with the rest
Me and my friends, Were just lucky I guess

I aint gonna cry no tears anymore
Theres nothing you can show me I aint seen before
Down in the briar patch was where I was born and bred

Been advertised as this weeks great white hope
Been strung along and always given just enough rope
Ive done what I was told, Ive done my best to please
Now when people see me, they dont even lie to me

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