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Joell Ortiz - Cold World Lyrics

[Intro/Chorus: Lee Carr]
I got money on my head, man ain't this a cold world?
Man these suckers want me dead, damn ain't this a cold world?
Cause all I see is hate in their eyes as I rise
They want me to faaaaall, ohhhhh
Man, ain't this a cold world?

[Joell Ortiz]
Sh-sh-shiverin cold, f-f-frigid below
Z-z-zip up your coat, listen them niggaz is froze
Oh but the digits you know, f-f-fifths'll explode
Load that c-clip up and go and if you li-lick it then glow
When you g-get it they hate, plot to g-get at your plate
They d-dinner ain't steak, but papi this shit isn't safe
They'll find your c-crib through your plates, ye-ye-yeah they go there
Sh-show up out of nowhere to tell you strip out of yo' gear
Respect it, dr-drop or get wet, d-don't try to hide the Rolex
C-come off them rocks on your neck, d-dig in your pockets then jet
B-better watch who you sexin, b-be the opposite sex
L-l-linin you up after they m-mop you to death
Over the dollars you left then gaspin tryin to get breath
Aspen climbin yo' chest, you ask "G-God what comes next?"
This how the story get told, k-keep warm in the cold
This is the hand you got d-dealt, you gon' play or f-fold?


[Joell Ortiz]
L-life in the street, we all tr-tryin to eat
G-g-grinders is sweet, some try to f-find it for cheap
And learn to q-quietly creep to dodge them guys on the beat
And dodgers dyin to keep b-bars made of iron yo' sleep
I know cause I-I was in deep, my p-pie wasn't sweet
On some n-nights it got so cold I f-fired the heat
P-peep my diary, weep, shhhhh shit that I did
Shhhh, don't tell 'em the p-person you was as a kid
I'm afraid of k-karma, man I'm just prayin my momma
I kn-know that you know I changed for today and tomorrow
B-but it's yesterday's drama g-got me stayin up longer
Scenarios p-play in my head, I b-became a monster
Dr-dressed in Satan's armor, man do I thank you f-father
All my p-pain is gone, I called and you came for the Yaowa (Yaowa)
B-but though I ain't nothin to Feds, I ain't p-pumped up with lead
Still I feel like I got money on my head


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