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Joe Blow - This Is Life Lyrics

[Joe Blow]
Now this the life that I was born to live
Really rockin' all this ice and drivin' foreign whips
Livin' like I'm Alpo way before he snitched
And chances make champions so I enjoy the risk
It's way bigger than this rap baby it's more to this
And niggas sayin' it ain't no Act just can't afford the shit
All we do is blow money and so much more of it
Been countin' money all day I'm gettin' bored as shit
I ain't even pack a bag on this Florida trip
I touchdown, spent a thou on every store I hit
When I'm around bitches bow know that I'm the prince
And to get inside my whip you need my fingerprints
I see the cop I'm throwin' up the middle finger quick
Up a hundred bands still feelin' like I need a lick
Long as I push this white girl, I'll never need a bitch
It's California, great weather and the weed legit

[Joe Blow]
You should pay me too you know the rules hoe
That other nigga trippin' rockin' all that fool's gold
Won't play with other people's kids bitch I'm too grown
When I die put the realest ever on my tomb stone
Flyer than a eagle with my Philly niggas
They all greasy as Cheese steak from Ishkabibbles
Meetin' with the main man I always skip the middle
And once I hit him call the coroner you can skip the spiddle
Ain't who I once was life is kinda different nigga
It's gettin' bigger hope you see the bigger picture in it
A Michael Angelo paintin' is what I picture livin'
And everything that I received is what I gift and given
The gift of gab is just a gift that I ain't get for Christmas
I get some millions ain't no way that I forget my niggas
The whole MOB iced out and drivin' different Benzes
I can't lie this is life and this shit's expensive

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