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Jennifer Hudson - For Real Lyrics

Below you can find the popular For Real lyrics performed by Jennifer Hudson. We have tried to make the For Real song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Verse1: easy,i'm taking it easy,cause life's to short to give my heart so freely

simple, what i want is simple,like fallin rain,summer or spring,here i am

pre-chorus:oh all i know is,lonely ain't that bad,without the tears,without the past,and memories of how i kept hangin on

chorus: i am all i need 4real,cause now i see that what i wanted in u was always in me(4real)

Verse2: silence,it was beautiful silence,after i got over my last heart break it was quiet

now here 4,what r u here 4, 2 create complications and take me through changes,just tell me now

Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus

Verse3: i was chasing love and it just kept running,i settled and u wasn't the 1, i gave u everything(that's when our love was real),i don't know y u tried to make me past, boy can u explain?

Bridge:never knew how to love me
maybe that was the point
maybe it's not your fault
can't blame ya 4 what cha don't know
(oh)should've never trusted u

Repeat chorus(x2)

verse4:u thought i wasn't goin nowhere,didn't ya,but i'm happy about it(yes i am),i was depending on u, now i'm depending on me....

Jennifer Hudson lyrics