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Jay Electronica - Suckas Lyrics

[Verse 1]
This goes out to those that choose to use disrespectful views
On the game of H-I-p-h-o-p
We terrorizing you misfits
These wack emcees got the game twisted
We don't give a fuck about your rings and your chains
Your four-dot six Range
Or Frankie B jeans
I came in the game motherfucka was deaf to the bling
Jay Elect reign supreme over everything
Meet the heavenly man mics in my hand I rip 'em
Brrrr-ha stick 'em ha-ha-ha stick 'em
Wack rappers we vick* 'em
And leave 'em for dead
For spittin' that wack shit
That they see in they head


[Verse 2]
The last dragon, carrying weight like Oprah
Redeemer of Abnoloima and san koufa
I mash out more posses than Billy and Fame
Sucka emcees rock ice but they really in flames
Eighty-five think they free but they really in chains
Talking that big willy looking silly and strange
Earthquakes and rain, hail snow locust and bees
All of the above is caused by the dopest emcees
Back day I used to rock Adidas open with Lees
Windmill on the cardboard and close with the freeze
Silly suckas


[Verse 3]
It's War with The Dragon, visit your day see god
Spar with apassion, this is your day swing hard
As I spark your imagi, nation it may seem odd
This world is crazy hard, but it made me god
Rock with the blastmaster of rock with a rap masters
The Notorious BIG and 2Pac were the last Pastors
I gotta grab the, torch and lead the flock to the pastures
Return of the Jedi, who stud-eye-d under the master
Jakes wanna creep me, The eighth B60 defeat me
I'm feelin leepy, Homeland Security breechy
They can't compete B, my Third Eye vision is 3D
Saw you with Mouson, cuttin civilizin the BC
Rappers a misfit, cheap trick covered with lipstick
Yappin about free me, going plat with the...
War with The Dragon, I'm here to clash with the beast
Harass the Police, in the process of establishin peace

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