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Jarren Benton - Shut Up Bitch Lyrics

I'm riding dirty in my autobot (autobot)
I'm doing doughnuts in the parking lot (parking lot)
I'm sipping hango and I'm smoking pot (smoking pot)
Bitch you 'bout to blow my high, cause you talk a lot!

What you tell that ho?
Shut up bitch! [x6]

What you tell that ho?
Bitch you 'bout to blow my high

[Jarren Benton]
Riding in my autobot, sipping coke and cabernet
Got bitches in my cabin, I'm gon' drug 'em up and shag 'em
Two shots and they out (out)
Osama Bin Laden
Just took down from Mars and now my main bitch won't stop nagging
Shut up Bitch, bddddrrrr
Ya' body get wet up bitch
All you do is nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah
And now I'm fed up bitch
I been on the grind like all night long
Tryna get this bread up bitch
All you do is shoot a nigga down
You're fucking my head up bitch

Man fuck that shit (man fuck that shit)
I don't need that ho (I don't need that ho)
In the kitchen with my nigga kato
Whipping up that speaker doe
Flying down the I-20
Headed to that east side blowing reefer smoke
And she won't shut up
So I hit the radio and let the speakers blow

And I'm so wasted off these PBR's
Put a sock in a bitch
Come give a nigga's dick that CPR
Now I'm just riding round and I'm getting it
Can't tell me shit
God damn it I'm grown bitch
I'm not tryna hear it, no


[Jarren Benton]
Riding in my autobot, heading to Decatur
Money over bitches
They will not come before paper
Outfit taylor
New Chuck Taylors
Bitch I'm so fresh
I'm still in the incubator

My side ho tripping
Every night she bitching
Bitch get in the kitchen
Do the dishes
Fry some chicken
Sike, I'm only kidding
Jarren what you sniffing?
Every night you run your fucking mouth
I'm like "bitch zip it"

(Cruising in my autobot I'm leaning to the side)

But you keep popping that shit girl
Running your lips and blowing my high
Kato on the track get a hit of this crack
That shit so fye
Every time you wah wah wah wah wah
I'm losing my mind!

It ain't like I like that bitch
I just want my life back bitch
Damn you so annoying
Swear to God
I wanna fight that bitch
Left her on the highway and told her
"I'll be right back bitch"
I should throw the deuces
Before I turn around and Ike that bitch!


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