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Japunga - In The End Lyrics

Below you can find the popular In The End lyrics performed by Japunga. We have tried to make the In The End song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

My life what I believe
Most people cannot see
I stand to take the fall
I've seen it all before so

I find within myself
Truth without a doubt
I've come this far alone
I'll get there on my own

I've made a lot of mistakes
I've put my life at stake
I still don't understand
What the fuck did I do that was

Wrong for me to hide
Time's not on my side
Cross it from my heart
It's tearing me apart
All in the end [x3]

I'm not what people say
You live I live my way
Why I pushed from place to place
I read it in their face so I

Say what I believe
Respect that I receive
Proves my honesty
Will come out in the end

All in the end [x6]

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