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Jamonte - Till I Die Lyrics

im gone be down pushing your face to the ground. you know where im found.a.k.r.o.n.
im a ohio rapper every body asking me where bowwow straight from the 3.3.0
stop ask me where my album at i don't know.[ chros] im gone be down till i die im
gone ride till i die.][v2]if i die dont cry you can think about me pulling my strap
when you here those fire crackers in the sky.when im coming im gone hit you by
suprise look out for me jamonte the can say what you want you better
hope i don't hear it cause when you see me pull up im gone show you i got
can call me dramitic im just like dipset copo yeah its that copostaic.till i die im
gone always be around till i die im always be down.

Jamonte lyrics