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Jae Millz - The Motivation Lyrics

Take em up town, maisy
Take em up town, maisy
Reporting to you live where them younging don't give a ef
Till they running head first with they loin and get an ef
Where them pretty girls feel grown once they get a chest
Think she Marylyn Monroe, posing with a cigarette
Uh, one time for the round the clock hustlers
I do it for the g's never been a fan of suckers
Born and raised in the city that never sleeps
So blame my fuck a pillow mentality on nyc, warrup
I am not a new artist, I've been doing this b will and kim, b was start artists
Some people catch on late though, once they realize you gonn be great
You already great though
Pure real nigga, so you know I spot em, way I'm from
I believe we call that band wagon hopping
One of these fake niggas sorry, I am not them
My city know I got em, that's why everybody riding, what it is

Jae Millz lyrics