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Innocence Mission - Joan Lyrics

So I see their easels at the water from the window
I know his is not - as is never - with them
Seven years Ive watched them sadly, watching with them, understanding

Joan, my head hurts, my head hurts
Joan, I must close the curtain

They will come back in the evening
See the way the sky is changing
Can you see the colours, he would say to me
Well of course I see the colours
Sea is silver, red and white and

No! You dont look! You dont see!
No, you dont look, you dont see

In the squares of sun
Slanted on the floor
Slanted over my feet

This is how he painted me
A halo round me - like Our Lady
Bathed his brush in sun
And blurred my faults away

Joan, the sunlight, the sunlight
Joan, I must close the curtains
Mm, ah, ah
Mm, ah, ah
Mm, ah, ah

Innocence Mission lyrics

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